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Issue 378 – 05/22/2020

This week’s highlights: Stillness, Robot-Powered Groceries, Drunk Elephants

Photo by Federico Giampieri on Unsplash

Social Distancing?

Issue 378

by David Wells – Nashville TN

Happy Friday –

Apparently this week marks the end of the school year in Nashville – whatever that means?  For most of Middle TN, schools have been out since the tornado in early March.  So kids are 3 months in to the ‘new normal.’  Already the 9 year old in our house is questioning his ability / desire to return to 8 hours a day spent indoors vs. his current life lived largely outside.  Who knows what life looks like 9 weeks from now?

Content I wrote this week –
  • Picking an Investment Partner – Where to Start?  Selecting the right investment partner is a question that most will choose to answer as they structure their investments. Yet the industry is awash in a sea of sameness with excess jargon and little clarity. Every firm talks about their holistic planning and proprietary investment process – but what does it all mean? Where are the actual lines of difference that allow you to determine the difference of one firm from another?
I hope you enjoy a safe and healthy Memorial Day weekend,


Food for Thought


  1. Stratechery – Chips and Geopolitics  Why a chip manufacturer looking to put a ‘fab’ in the United States is a big deal
  2. RampCapital – The Death of Cities
  3. Bloomberg – A Playboy in Lockdown, Dan Bilzerian Pushes Party Brand From a Social Distance – Credit DH -The ‘King of Instagram’ is selling branded vodka, bath bombs and dog toys while racking up huge corporate expenses.
  4. Fortune – These robot-powered warehouses could save grocers—but first they need to survive the coronavirus pandemic  Ocado built a buzzy business around helping supermarkets survive online. The COVID-19 crisis has become its trial by fire
  5. WashingtonPost – How the pandemic is changing shopping  American Eagle, Sephora and Best Buy are among the retailers reimagining their stores to make shopping faster, easier and safer


  1. UnReal Engine – A first look at Unreal Engine 5  One of our goals in this next generation is to achieve photorealism on par with movie CG and real life – watch this demo video – insane where computer graphics are going.
  2. Slate – Daryl Bem Proved ESP Is Real  Which means science is broken.
  3. Hodinkee – Twelve More Mistakes New Watch Enthusiasts Make (And How To Avoid Them)
  4. NYT – Elephants Really Can’t Hold Their Liquor  Humans and other species have a gene mutation that lets them digest alcohol. In other species, it’s missing.
  5. TheLily – Do you trust your partner to cut your hair? It’s the ultimate coronavirus relationship test

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