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Issue 375 – 05/01/2020

Cocktail Hour, Illinois Issues, Zoom Fatigue

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

Where do you park the entire airline industry?

Issue 375

by David Wells – Nashville TN

Happy Friday Everyone –

No deep reflections here today – I hope this finds you safe and well.  It’s sunny and 70 in Nashville, and looks to be a great few days to be outdoors.

For Laughs –

Man skillfully raps Dr. Seuss rhymes over Dr. Dre beats in a must-see mashup – Thanks DH

Content I wrote this week –

All the best,


Food for Thought


  1. II – An OCIO Performance Index Exists for the First Time. Here’s How They Did.
  2. NYT – The Victoria’s Secret Contract That Anticipated a Pandemic
  3. ZH – Why Illinois Is Broke: 109,881 Public Employees With $100,000+ Paychecks Cost Taxpayers $14B
  4. NA Moving – Where are Americans Moving?  The top three states for outbound moves in 2019 were Illinois, California, and New Jersey.
  5. TheAtlantic – Efficiency Is Biting Back  Decades of streamlining everything made the U.S. more vulnerable.


  1. NatGeo – ‘Zoom fatigue’ is taxing the brain. Here’s why that happens.
  2. WashPo – A chef gave away 500 sourdough starters and built a community around bread, pancakes and doughnuts
  3. Outside – Everything We Know About Exercise and Depression  A new meta-study, which followed 267,000 people, sheds a few answers
  4. Idler – Interview with Damien Hirst The original YBA has done everything to the max – drinking, snorting and making millions with his art. Having gone sober, slimmed down his business operation and taken up flower painting, what does his world look like now?
  5. NYT – Their Met Gala, Their Way. You’re Invited.  A group of internet kids are about to hold the biggest fashion party of the year.

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