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Top Articles This Week – 4/26/19 Edition

This week’s highlights:  A Conversation with a Senator, Tech Enabled Salads and Water-less Detergent.


Fifteen on Friday – Issue 329

Food for Thought:

Top Read(s) of the Week:  TheTrinityForum – An Evening Conversation with Senator Ben Sasse in Nashville, TN 

Why It Matters:  The junior Senator from Nebraska, Sasse is something of an enigma.  Harvard educated, with a PHD in history, Sasse is a busy Senate member, prolific author having written 2 books in the last 2 years, and apparently is a part-time Uber driver when he’s back home (talk about an interesting way to meet constituents).

In this non-partisan and non-political address, Sasse discusses his new book – Them – Why We Hate Each Other and How to Heal.  He seeks to answer the question of “Why in the midst of peace and prosperity are we increasingly angry, pessimistic and fearful.”  I had the privilege of attending this event, and cannot say enough good things about his remarks.

Consider as well:

  1. FiveThirtyEight – The Man Who Solved ‘Jeopardy!’  James Holzhauer has taken the game to its logical conclusion.
  2. Vogue – The Awakening of Kim Kardashian West  Admittedly I was skeptical when I started reading this piece, and yet I was surprised to learn about her justice work and how she’s studying to take the bar exam – seriously.
  3. NPR – The Affluent Homeless: A Sleeping Pod, A Hired Desk And A Handful Of Clothes
  4. THR – “He Just Knows What’s Funny”: Hollywood’s Secret Comic Whisperer Finally Gets His Own Spotlight  Neal Brennan co-created one of the greatest sketch series of all time. Now, a decade and a half after the acrimonious end to ‘Chappelle’s Show,’ the go-to guru to Chris Rock, Amy Schumer, Seth Meyers and more is emerging as a major force in his own right.


Top Read of the Week:  Inc – Can Any Company Be a Tech Company? Inside the Unlikely Journey of Cult Salad Brand Sweetgreen

Why It Matters:  The profitable salad chain Sweetgreen was on track to IPO. So why did its founders decide to pivot to tech?

Consider as well:

  1. Fortune – How the Kleiner Perkins Empire Fell  Once the very embodiment of Silicon Valley venture capital, the storied firm has suffered a two-decade losing streak. It missed the era’s hottest companies, took a disastrous detour into renewable energy, and failed to groom its next-generation leadership. Can it ever regain the old Kleiner magic?
  2. Digiday – How BarkBox beat Amazon at its own game
  3. Fortune – Radical Programming School ’42’ Still Solving for the Skills Gap
  4. Recode – Tesla’s 2020 self-driving car promise sounds too good to be true because it is


Top Read of the Week:  FastCo – The shockingly simple way to make packaging more sustainable  

Why It Matters:  This is rapidly gaining some popularity – apparently P&G is working on its own interpretation of this trend with its Tide brand of detergents.  “Your home cleaning products have a major carbon footprint. Several startups want to popularize a clever solution: remove the water.”

Consider as well:

  1. TheAtlantic – Workers Love AirPods Because Employers Stole Their Walls  In the open-plan office, wireless headphones are the new cubicles.
  2. Medium – The Truth About the Scooter Economy — An Insider’s Perspective
  3. Jalopnik – Formula E’s New App Lets You Ghost Race Against Drivers in Real Time  Fans will be able to download the Virtually Live Ghost Racing: Formula E app and turn it on during this Saturday’s Paris ePrix to race against all 22 FE drivers.
  4. Nautilus – How to Survive Solitary Confinement

The Week’s Best – 01/25/19 Edition

This week’s highlights:  Self Beyond LinkedIn, The Mess of Brexit, Sleep Doctors


Fifteen on Friday – Issue 317

Happy Friday,


Food for Thought:

Top Read of the Week:  Chad Dickerson – We contain multitudes

Why It Matters:  Special thanks to Kyle Westaway for highlighting this one.  “Maybe if we all gave each other the space to be complex people — not reduced to public perception, our professional bios, our LinkedIn profiles, others’ narratives of who we are — we might understand each other better and give ourselves the room to be messy but wondrous human beings”

Consider as well:

  1. NYT – To Save the Sound of a Stradivarius, a Whole City Must Keep Quiet
  2. TheAtlantic – I Spent $925 on a Fake Canada Goose Coat  A winter splurge turns into an e-commerce nightmare.
  3. Aeon – What Happened When I Made My Students Turn Off Their Phones
  4. NYT – Socrates Wants You to Tidy Up, Too  What reading an ancient Greek dialogue can tell us about the Marie Kondo craze.


Top Read of the Week:  Economist – Brexit, mother of all messes

Why It Matters:  The Brexit debacle continues.  With so many moving pieces, for those of us on this side of the pond, keeping straight what is at stake is not easy.  Per usual, the Economist does an excellent job of summarizing the current state of things, and the profound constitutional paradoxes that are in play currently.

Consider as well:

  1. Adventur.es – Serving the Six-Sided Teeter Totter.  You may not know who Brent Beshore is, but you should.  Beshore is a sharp investor slowly building a portfolio of businesses.  His writings, and this annual letter, are always a thoughtful reflection on the craft of investing and operating a business.
  2. II – A Farmer Found a Trojan Horse Inside an Insurance Contract. Now He Might Bring Down the Canadian Insurance Industry.
  3. NYT – Vanguard’s Jack Bogle Wasn’t a Billionaire. He Was Proud of That.
  4. McKinsey – A better way to anticipate downturns. An older piece but still relevant – Credit markets, though harder to follow than equity markets, provide clearer signals.


Top Read of the Week: TG – I Had a ‘Sleep Doctor’ Tell Me How to Structure My Entire Day, and I’ve Never Felt More Energized

Why It Matters:  Sleep and its importance continues to be highlighted.  Arianna Huffington has made sleep a cornerstone issue for her and public health.  Just today, the Washington Post highlighted that a lack of sleep is causing a ‘public health crisis.  This article looks at how sleep is tied into self, and how “early birds” and “night owls” can better adapt what they do and when they do it in relationship to their own sleep/energy levels.

Consider as well:

  1. NYT – Paramount Was Hollywood’s ‘Mountain.’ Now It’s a Molehill.  After decades of nearly slapstick mismanagement — spinning off TV and missing the internet — the studio behind “The Godfather” is fighting for its life.
  2. ScienticAmerican – Is Only-Child Syndrome Real?  Children without siblings have long been thought of as spoiled and selfish. Are the claims true?
  3. NYT – Their Warhols Are at the Whitney. Their Ugly Divorce Is on Display, Too.  The tawdry divorce of Libbie and David Mugrabi is not just a tabloid story. At stake are a trophy townhouse, works by Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons, and the inner workings of one of the world’s most influential art dealer families.
  4. Motherboard – The Rise of Netflix Competitors Has Pushed Consumers Back Toward Piracy   BitTorrent usage has bounced back because there’s too many streaming services, and too much exclusive content.
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